* Thorough credit report analysis


* Free yourself from credit correction hassles: let us do the work for you


* Call us at 866-488-2066 OR


* Fill out our online form and a Credit specialist will contact you


* $189 credit report analysis/consultation fee


* Billed $59 a month after all work completed for that month (price may vary by state).


* Cancel anytime, any reason



Continental Credit provides comprehensive credit correction services to meet the needs of individuals.


Unlike some credit repair firms, we've designed a program that adapts to each client's needs. We incorporate all aspects of your credit situation, both positive and negative, to achieve our best results.

We are known throughout the industry for customized:

* Erroneous and false information removal or correction

* Consumer Credit Report Consulting

* Consumer Credit Score Consulting

* Personal Attention - not automated

Many other companies in our industry thrive on automation and electronic client correspondence. We believe credit to be unique to each and every client thus our service department is here in person to answer your questions.






Credit Myths
* Once you pay a collection, charge-off, judgment, or tax lien it no longer impacts your credit score.
* Consumers have just three credit scores.
* You have to provide proof of all errors on your report for the accounts to be corrected.
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Credit Facts
* Approximately 200,000,000 Americans have innaccuracies in their credit reports.
* Insurance, credit card, and home mortgage lending companies all use different models to calculate credit scores.
* Newer information affects your credit score differently than older information.
* Read more about scoring models.